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What makes our video conferencing unique is the option for extensive customization.No matter what your requirements are, the powerful customization features will help you scale the application to meet your requirements perfectly.

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Multi Camera

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Use In Different Industries

Utilizing aerial images and videos captured from a drone, you can make your service offering all the more effective to your audience. The solution is developed to offer you real-time data from your sessions to evaluate the effectiveness of your sessions. The data will offer you newer and important insights that you can leverage to bolster the services that you render with your clients for better results for you and your audience, as well.

A unique and powerful video conferencing solution, Video Connect from FalcoMatics will make your technology-driven business even more value-adding and client-centric. We know that traditional evaluation of most web-based businesses cannot bring you the insights that you need. But now with Video Connect, you can not only offer the best video and audio clarity to your audience but also gather real-time data to see how well your session is presented. Wouldn’t you love that?


Telemedicine has been getting a lot of attention lately and COVID-19 has just skyrocketed the demand for reliable, top-notch and efficient telemedicine services. Our Video Connect…