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Drone Based Surveying | Project Monitoring | Inspection | AI Based Video Analytics ​

Roof/Solar Panel
Measurement And Inspection


Construction Project &
Safety Monitoring


Land Acquisition, Optimization &


Agriculture Health &
Yield Analysis

Wind Turbine, Tower &
Oil/Gas Inspection


Traffic Optimization &
Queue Analysis


Survey & Planning - Industries​

Sturdy and powerful, the drones can be used in challenging conditions without limiting its capability to generate adequate data. With extensive capabilities for land inspection, survey, and mapping, thermal inspection, traffic planning, and safety monitoring, our drones will bring you comprehensive data to know everything that you want to learn about your current projects or important details about potential projects for decision-making.

Using Drone & AI powered Data Analytics we can do:​

Roof/Solar Panel Measurement and Inspection

For businesses working in the solar panel business, sometimes it would be impossible to inspect the roofs by human resource. However, our All-in-One drone analytics…

Construction Project & Safety Monitoring

Our services are feature-rich with the capability of overlaying project details in sync with drone parameters to get the most comprehensive assessment of construction projects for safety …

Land Acquisition, Optimization & Inspection

Land acquisitions can be a hard job especially if the land spans hundreds of hectares. However, no matter what your ultimate goals are, our All-in-One drone analytics solutions…

Agriculture Health & Yield Analysis

For farmers and industrial agriculturists, analyzing the health of their crops and yield is extremely important to ensure that they are able to generate adequate returns on their investment…

Wind Turbine, Tower & Oil/Gas Inspection

It was not possible to carry out extensive and close inspection of various turbines, towers and oil/gas systems. However, it has become possible now with our drones for wind turbine/tower…

Traffic Optimization & Queue Analysis

Businesses need to care of the traffic at their facilities and have a comprehensive view of the vehicles entering and exiting the campus. However, it may not be entirely possible with traditional…

Survey - Applications​

  • Inspecting inaccessible areas​
  • Thermal data with insights on surface temperature
  • Identifying oil spill and rust areas
  • ​​Insights on trends of damages over time
  • ​Monitoring encroachment in ROW of laid lines
  • ​Wind turbines, power transmission lines, flare stacks, lattice towers, pipelines​​​​​
  • Outputs: RGB imagery, Thermal imagery, Radiometric data, Report on damaged sections​​

Our Solutions

We bring you a plethora of drone data analysis solutions that will help you inspect and review a range of projects to ensure its intended progress. Whether you are working in the construction, realty, and oil & gas industry, our All-in-One drone data analytics solutions will help you immensely in upping the efficiency of your project execution and the project itself.

Aerial Survey

Large area mapping, topographic survey, GIS, 3D models, ortho, DSM, DTM, contour, volumetric calculations, solar rooftop potential.​

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence​

Large area mapping, topographic survey, GIS, 3D models, ortho, DSM, DTM, contour, volumetric calculations, solar rooftop potential.​

Critical Asset Inspections​

Wind turbine blade, transmission line, flare stack, oil & gas pipelines, solar panel inspection, industrial plants.

Cloud Based Dashboard​

Web app for easy sharing, collaboration and analysis, video & image annotations, report generation, easy data archival & retrieval.​

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