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Roof/Solar Panel
Measurement And Inspection


Construction Project &
Safety Monitoring


Land Acquisition, Optimization &


Agriculture Health &
Yield Analysis

Wind Turbine, Tower &
Oil/Gas Inspection


Traffic Optimization &
Queue Analysis


Survey & Planning - Industries​

Sturdy and powerful, our drones can be used in challenging conditions without limiting their capability to generate adequate data. With extensive capabilities for land inspection, survey and mapping, thermal inspection, traffic planning, and safety monitoring, our drones will bring you comprehensive data. The data thus collected will help you know everything that you want to learn about your current projects or important details about potential projects for decision-making.
What makes our Drone Analytics Solution even more impressive is the fact that you can use it for a range of industries. No matter, if you are running your project in the energy, engineering, civil and construction, mining, agriculture, or transportation field, our solution, will be the best support that you can get. Our solutions are designed to withstand the taxing conditions of most industries.
Our Drone Data Analytics Solutions have been designed to match the requirements of the clients perfectly after a series of tests and simulations. This helps us ensure that the clients would be immensely benefitted by our solutions. When we develop our drone survey & planning solution, we took into consideration all the challenges that the clients would face and customized the same to render the best solutions for them. This has made us one of the best drone survey companies in the field.

Using Drone & AI powered Data Analytics we can do:​

Roof/Solar Panel Measurement and Inspection